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  • 3650 Delmont Ave Oakland, Ca - Millsmont
    Exposed power line on sidewalk appears to be a public safety issue. Caused by felled tree that has been cleaned up.
  • 6232 Buenaventura Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Major landslide at 4 home lots that I understand have been vacant since the 1960's. The land is reportedly un-buildable due to the slope and soil conditions and the landowners do not appear to be interested in making improvements. The sidewalk has completely been demolished and the concrete barriers now extend well into the street where cars zoom up and down the hill. The neighborhood has many young families, elderly, and pet owners and the conditions are UNSAFE for accessibility. There are numerous Nextdoor threads on the topic, but when my wife reported it to SeeClickFix, she was told there needed to be more requests before any work would be done. This is not acceptable. A civil engineering firm was just at the site doing a land survey on behalf of the city - see pic. Please provide updates! Seems clear that the City needs to buy back the land, and the community would support new drainage for a small park and/or urban garden.