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  • Walnut St Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Overgrown vegetation has become a safety hazard and it has begun to form multiple rats nests, due to it not being picked up properly. Due to the hot weather residents of this property have had multiple cookouts and they throw their trash into the pile of grass. Beer cans, glass bottles and left over food are some examples. Shards of glass are found everywhere, not only does it affect neighbors but the children who also live in that property. As it gets nicer out the kids want to go play in the grass but can not do so since it is not safe for them. Not only is the glass dangerous for when neighbors maintain their side of the lawn with machinery but it is also affecting the wildlife. Birds and rats have eaten the glass and food left around which have caused them to die and they are later found in the vegetation. It has become a fire hazard because they throw their lit firewood onto the dry grass therefore a fire could start at any time. This is a problem we have every year when they start having their cookouts because they don't maintain their area clean especially after their parties, they just throw everything out to the grass. I hope that after shedding some light on this situation something can be done so that this isn't an issue anymore and the safety of everyone can be taken into consideration.