Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 670
  • 6724–6798 23rd St S Saint Petersburg 33712, United States - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Pothole getting deeper.
  • 6900 22nd Way S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Every week (or so) the Water Resources people come and do some measurement in the sewer manhole in front of my house (YAY!). Sadly, every week (and I mean EVERY week), the older white guy with the silver beard smokes a cigarette and throws the butt down into the open manhole. So this week, there are THREE trucks instead of TWO and I figure the guy in the white shirt is a supervisor. He gets something out of his pocket, unwraps it, and throws the wrapper directly into the open manhole. How can you expect the citizens to "do the right thing" if your own employees don't ? Just asking. Truck #'s are as follows: W294, W296 and W223.
  • I-275 S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33711, USA - Commission District 7
    I reported this sewage along the Pinellas Trail yesterday and today it is not only still there, it is WORSE. If you are having trouble locating this, let me know. THIS NEEDS TO GO TO THE SEWER DEPARTMENT, not some Community thing. My only other alternative to get this taken care of is to share with news media. Let me know.
  • 17 Saint Petersburg, FL, 33711, USA - Commission District 7
    THIS PHOTO IS FROM THE SKYWAY BIKE TRAIL THAT RUNS PARALLEL TO I-275 and outside of Eckerd College property. Apparently either the City or Eckerd is putting in some type of additional water/sewage piping---YOU TORE DOWN THE LAST NATURAL AREA LEFT TO DO THIS--At any rate, today on my bike ride I came upon this raw sewage coming out of what must be a broken pipe clearly done by the giant earth movers and such...WITH THE WORKERS PRESENT. This is not only disgusting but a major health hazard and PAINFULLY close to open waterway. PLEASE GET SOMEONE OUT THERE RIGHT AWAY. I will be back to check on it this afternoon.