• 56 Waverley St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Trucks waiting to get into United Builders next door. they park almost in the street, they block the bike lane. These trucks use the parking area in front of my house as a waiting area. Early morning, making noise. One of them almost knocked over the telephone pole backing up.Pole had to be replaced. Another parked on Morton st knocked a telephone pole over, knocking out power to the neighborhood.The residents should not have to suffer cause United Builders has no where for them to park.
  • 56 Rt-135 Ashland, MA, 01721, USA - Framingham
    Trucks constantly parking in front of house. Wouldn't mind but they leave their trucks idling for 30 minutes plus. Sometimes an hour plus. They use this stretch as a waiting area for United Builders next door. These trucks are a constant nuisance. They routinely block my/neighbors driveway and have no consideration for the residents. What can we do?