Dr. Jean O'Connor

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  • 1041 Atlanta Ave Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    There is no rage like a mother's rage when her children are in danger. The crosswalk signal for crossing East Howard at Atlanta Ave does not work. I sat on the phone with my 6th grader through 3 changes of the signal at 5pm while she attempted to cross the street. I drove from Edgewood to pick her up to get her across the street in the time she was waiting. This is a HUGE deal because when the crossing guards are not there and leaving from aftershool activities, children cannot cross the street. If my child or anyone else gets injured crossing at this light because the pedestrian signal doesn't work, this is your notice that Decatur and DeKalb will pay dearly. If you can't fix it tomorrow, pay your crossing guards overtime to keep them until 5:30 and the middle school students who live on the north side can get across the train tracks.