Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 100
  • 2500-2540 Talley St Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    I commute each day on Columbia between Memorial and East College in the morning and afternoon. I have a commute that is just shy of 3 miles from my home to work. I’m writing because I believe that the traffic control on the corner of Talley and Columbia near the new school (Talley Street Upper Elementary) is inadequate. It seems to be a new 3-way stop sign configuration, with no active traffic management from a traffic cop. As near as I can tell, this adds about 10 minutes in commute each way per day – which, over a year, really adds up. It has also affected other commuting routes that people are now using as alternatives (Katie Kerr and Candler.) In my opinion, I feel as those it needs two things: 1) a traffic light, and 2) an active traffic cop during rush hour. Can you share if there is anything in the works to mitigate this traffic issue. Thanks!