Bob Jacobson

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  • Pothole Patching Acknowledged
    1530 N Blue Ridge Rd Tucson, AZ, 85745, USA - Pima County
    The County crew two days ago, responding to my complaint about Blue Ridge Road's condition to Supervisors Bryson and Elias, finally made "improvements" to our street and Indigo to the west: it laid rather ugly black strips of tar that immediately collapsed into the potholes underneath. Our neighbor to the north published on SeeClickFix these wastes of time and money. But the really dangerous conditions of our road, as depicted above, still remain. The County should stop trying to placate our neighborhood by piecemealing the obviously critical road repairs. Instead, it should fully rebuild and repave these roads on which we and our guests travel and walk, as it would in an instant if the folks over on Starr Pass or in the Catalina Foothills hollered. We pay taxes just as large ourselves. Thanks.
  • 1401-1699 N Blue Ridge Rd Tucson, AZ, 85745, USA - Pima County
    The entire street is disintegrating as we watch, from Sandalwood -- the intersection is totally obliterated by loose gravel and large rocks washed down by the summer rains -- to the southern intersection with Painted Hills Road. The street has never received any remedial attention since I moved in six years ago, except for a truck dropping some gravel into ditches that was washed away in the next rain. The best repairs we've received were from a City crew that fixed runoff from a City water main. Otherwise, no one apparently cares for N Blue Ridge despite our paying some $20,000 in property taxes over the last half decade. I've informed Supervisor Elias of the situation and hope to hear back from him soon. Too bad we have to witness the erosion of our street and our safety while places like Starr Pass get their roads done annually. It makes us think maybe we should get comparable treatment. Oh my! In Pima County? You must be kidding. Hope to see your crews soon for a more than cosmetic repair of our street.