Rachel C

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 145
  • 1220–1418 Brookside Dr Raleigh 27604, United States - East Raleigh
    On Brookside Drive in front of the Conn Elementary School construction zone, there are two very large, deep holes in the road. These are clearly man made holes, construction related. There were no cones, no warning sign, no covers put over these holes. I hit them going 35mph (the posted speed limit) at 9:45pm on Sunday October 13th - it was very dark and had been raining, making visibility worse. I have a bulge in my front passenger side tire because of the negligence of the construction company that did not cover or put warning cones out. When we returned to the scene to take pictures, there was another lady there whose front passenger side tire was completely blown because she hit the same hole. She moved orange cones out into the holes to prevent other drivers from hitting it and causing damage to their tires/cars. I have her name and phone number to corroborate the story.