Martin D.

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  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    92 Rosemont St Albany 12203, United States - Melrose
    This can at Rosemont Park is rancid. Makes playing at the baseball field unbearable. Please empty it! Thanks!
  • 576 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    The overgrowth and vines is starting to wrap itself around the power lines to this house. There is rotting trash in the back yard which includes construction debris, paint cans and aerosol cans. Paint is peeling and several screens have been pulled out on the windows.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    567 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    This pile of trash and construction debris has been in the backyard of this house for months. It was previously reported but no action was taken. Contractors show up to work on the house but never take this debris with them.
  • 271 Quail Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    This is the third time I've attempted to call national grid about these lights and still no fix. Please provide an option for rectifying this situation besides a phone number. Please also note the "reportage hotlike" is only open 9-5, not when the lights are out. This is a public safety issue and National Grid is unresponsive.
  • 280 Quail Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Several street lights are out on the west side of quail between Morris and yates
  • 576 Myrtle Avenue Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    They never clean up the trash in the yard, the roof shingles are blowing off, AND THEY NEVER SHOVEL.
  • Myrtle Avenue (Quail & South Lake) Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    A lot of stuck cars today. This street gets a lot of Albany Med traffic and it's a Mohawk Ambulance trunk line. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • 576 Myrtle Ave. Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    It's been more than a week since the for sale signs were ripped down at these buildings and the yards, side, back, are full of trash. There's clearly habitual neglect by the tentants and property managers.
  • 576 Myrtle Ave. Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    This is the latest in a long list of ongoing and unaddressed code violations related to poor maintenance of this property. Several complaints have been filed for broken windows, unsafe stairs, garbage, overgrowth, parties. The roof shingles are falling off, there's trash all over the lawn and the bushes have now been torn out. Enough is enough. This is chronic neglect and it's high time the city stepped up and took serious action to address these continued and unabated nuisances. This is criminal. PLEASE take action and STAY THE COURSE.
  • 266 Mccarty Ave. Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
  • 86 West St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    Building not bordered up properly, neighbors report seeing trespassing occurring.