• Charing Cross Rd & Hiller Dr Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Hiller Highlands
    The intersection of Charing Cross Rd and Hiller Dr is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians and vehicles. A 3 way stop sign would enhance safety and reduce collision risk. There are no speed limit signs within one-half mile of this intersection. Because Hiller Drive is fairly wide, vehicles frequently break the 25mph speed limit approaching the intersection, often at speeds of 40-50mph. Vehicles entering Hiller from Charing Cross are at risk of being t-boned by speeding Hiller traffic. Also, vehicles parked on Hiller obscure the view from vehicles entering Hiller from Charing Cross. So please install 3 way stop signs at this intersection and post speed limit signs on Hiller Dr closer to the intersection.
  • 6656 Charing Cross Rd Oakland, CA, 94618, USA - Hiller Highlands
    Black Lexus SUV has not moved in one week. Car alarm has been going off. Neighbors do not claim car.
    CA lic# 5NXT726