Wes Hall

  • Virginia 7100 Springfield, VA 22150, USA - Newington
    Hit this pothole early this morning and thought that the tire on my Chevy Silverado had been ripped off. Later during the day, saw a car changing a tire just beyond the pothole. This pothole is already causing damage to vehicles and needs to be fixed immediately.
  • 7526 State Route 617 Springfield, VA 22150, USA - Newington
    This pothole is a hazard and needs to be fixed before it causes an accident or damages a vehicle. The pothole is located at the bottom of the ramp coming off of 95S onto Backlick/Alban Rd.
  • 7451-7499 Ox Rd Fairfax Station, VA 22039, USA - US Congressional District VA11
    The VADGIF boatramp at Burke Lake is almost impossible to use during low lake level times. The area beyond the ramp is very shallow and should be dredged along with the ramp being extended.
  • 7264 Fullerton Rd Newington, VA - Newington
    There is an enormous pothole on Fullerton Road that should immediately be fixed.