Christie DElphia

  • Riverside Ave & N Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont, 05401 - Burlington Electric
    The Public Works Department turned this red light to blinking Yellow at 9 Pm at night. This leaves a very dangerous situation for pedestrians trying to cross from the North Winooski Ave side of the street as this is a blind corner, you Cannot see what is coming up Riverside Ave. from Winooski. We suggest a Mirror be placed on the "Welcome to Burlington" sign that is at the head of the fence by the Queen City Steel Property so that Pedestrians can see the cars. Gene Bergman has been made aware of this request.
  • No Heat Archived
    35 Intervale Rd Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    I am a Live-In Caregiver for my 74 Year old Mother who has High blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes AND COPD. This is the Second Winter in a Row paying $1,400.00 a month for rent w/t heat Included getting No Heat , and Being Bombarded with Second Hand Drug and Cigarette Smoke - Code Enforcement is doing Nothing !