• 38-54 Park Street Newton, MA - Newton
    It's very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Some cars don't even stop for the red light at this intersection.
  • 539-559 Washington St Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    This intersection is now even more dangerous for cyclists with the elimination of the right hand only turning lane going westbound. This was either not fully thought through or bicycles are not a consideration on Newton's streets.
  • Washington St Newtonville, MA 02461, USA - Newton

    I think bike lanes are needed on Washington Street between Newton Corner and Newtonville. I commute to Boston by bike almost everyday, and this is hands down the most dangerous part of my ride. I think most of the problem is both sides of the street are flanked with parked cars leaving virtually no room for cyclists.

    The intersection by the church is not bike friendly. And lord help you riding by Whole Foods going West bound. There is either a line of cars waiting to turn into the lot, forcing you out into traffic. Or folks speed up to get slightly ahead of you to turn into the lot. Both of these are quite dangerous, even for an advanced cyclist.

    Until drivers learn how to share the road, bike lanes are the safest way to help protect cyclists.