Hunter Smith

  • Parks Request Archived
    Union Street Dog Park New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    Just before, the water fountain in the dog park was turned off (presumably because the pipes could freeze in winter). It's warm out but no one has come to turn the water back on.
  • Dog poop Archived
    15 Crown Street New Haven, Connecticut - 770 Chapel Big
    PMC and residents of 38 Crown Street: the amount of dog poop around your building is disgusting, especially in the bushes/hedges right alongside the building in the parking lot. People need to pick up their dog poop and if PMC can't get its residents to do so, it needs to clean up the poop itself. It's quite disgusting.
  • 81 Audubon Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    There is a very nice pedestrian passageway between Audobon Street and Lincoln Street but people seemed to have decided they it's a great place to park their cars. It's especially true of contractors who are working on nearby areas who will park their cars and vans here all day, making it difficult to pass by bike or on foot. They don't have a permit or any other indication that they have permission to park here. Shouldn't someone be ticketing them?