Brian F

  • Graffiti Archived
    6628 Springirth Terrace Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Two spraying of metallic gold colored Graffiti.
  • Kingstowne Village Pkwy Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Pedestrian access to the Shopping Center from SE side of intersection would have to cross three times, instead of once. Cross the street once would be safer and faster, thus promoting more pedestrian traffic.
  • 5006 Franconia Rd Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    To make this intersection more pedestrian friendly the crosswalk across Franconia Rd should be on the Shopping Center side of the intersection. Currently, a pedestrian must cross the intersection twice to get to the shopping center; when it could be done once if a crosswalk existed on the opposite side of intersection. This would be safer and faster which then promotes more pedestrian traffic.
  • 5006 Franconia Rd Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Curb ramp is located 30 feet away from the crosswalk, located after the stop line. Cars stopped for the traffic light, stop right in front of the curb ramp, which is 30 feet away from the actual crosswalk.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Horgan Ct Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    More graffiti in Kingstowne. The Kingstowne HOA just cleaned up one spraying, There are 12 more sprayings up the hill on the bikepath, at the end of this road; Hogan Ct. And now there is this spraying on a telephone pole.
  • 5901 Franconia Rd Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    There is no way to cross the West or North side of the intersection. Two major roads at a Major Intersection and the corner of Edison High School. There is also 400 feet of missing sidewalk on the West side down S. Van Dorn St. There is poor pedestrian access at this intersection.
  • Kingstowne Village Pkwy Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Pedestrian path has a two foot wide pothole.
  • Manchester Blvd Franconia, VA - Franconia
    Large section, about 200 ft, of sidewalk puddles with water when it rains. The puddle remains for nearly a day after it rains.
  • 5408 Green Glen Ln Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Within the last two days, someone has spray painted a large blue "S" in Graffiti on the pedestrian path.
  • Old Telegraph Rd Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Looks like vandalism; someone removed all the white crosswalk buttons, at this intersection. Intersection is located at the Hayfield High School.
  • S Van Dorn St Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Crosswalk button is pressed in, making it unusable to pedestrians. NE side of intersection at Castlewellan Dr.
  • 6488 Sutcliffe Dr Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Uncontinuous Sidewalk within neighborhood, missing 150+ foot section of sidewalk on main artery road for neighborhood. Sikewalk would provide better pathway to park, and between sections of housing.
  • Clermont Ave Alexandria, VA - Landmark-Van Dom
    Pedestrian crosswalk button on NE side of intersection looks to be missing. There is a hole where the button should be. This intersection is a key intersection for commuting bicyclist using the Eisenhower Connector.
  • Huntington Ave Alexandria, VA - Huntington
    Crosswalk enters the roadway on one side with a curb ramp, but enters the road at the other side with at a storm grade!! The curb ramp that exist on only one side looks new.
  • Kingstowne Blvd Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Noticed twice in a week on an early morning run (5am). After pressing the crosswalk button when the road is empty, with no cars present, the traffic light still cycles through the entire cycle. But for cars the light skips out of cycle to change right away.
  • 4407 Churchman Ct Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Change well traveled dirt path to pedestrian path between Churchman Ct and Dartmoor Ln. Path connects Ride View Dr with Clemont Dr. Increase pedestrian access to the other side of 495. Clemont Dr is a bicycle commute route to the Eisenhower Connector. Also enhance foot traffic between neighborhoods.
  • Manchester Blvd Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Crosswalk button does not work for crosswalk on SW side of Manchester Blvd/Kingstowne Blvd and Kingstowne Village Pkwy to continue straight on Manchest of which road name becomes Kingstowne Blvd.
  • Telegraph Rd Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Non-continuous Sidewalk on busy road, missing 350ft section of sidewalk. In front of neighborhood is a dirt/mud path which give access to Metro and School Bus stops.
  • Telegraph Rd Alexandria, VA - Groveton
    Non-continuous sidewalk, 280 ft section of sidewalk missing.
  • Telegraph Rd Alexandria, VA - Groveton
    Non-continuous sidewalk along busy road, 300 foot segment of sidewalk missing. Limiting pedestrian access to nearby Lee District Park and RECenter. Road is designated a suggested bicycle route for bike commuting.