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  • 1950 Market St Boothwyn, PA 19061, Boothwyn, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    Every day I drive up and down 452, I see people walking in the shoulder, on the edge, wherever they can.. Some of them wear clothing so dark that there is no chance of avoiding them if they wandered a few inches into the road. Sidewalks should connect Marcus Hook all the way to Aston, especially since there is a train station that many people use down there in Marcus Hook.. It's just not safe at all and it's silly to not have a pedestrian pathway to a train station and/or the businesses along this road.
  • Delaware Expressway Crum Lynne Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    Some genius at Penn Dot seriously decided to change this interchange from 2 lanes down to 1.. from I95S to I476N. Now traffic from that failure known as the blue route (476) backs up all the way to the airport on 95S in a way that has never been seen before. Someone needs to be held personally responsible for this and it needs to be opened back up to 2 lanes all the way through.
    They even wrote a newspaper article about this.
    In addition, i476 should be 3 lanes all the way up as well.
  • 145 Crum Creek Drive Woodlyn, Pennsylvania - Woodlyn
    It's a tall man who lives at 145 Crum Creek Drive.. Not sure who to call, but they park on the street in front of everyone's house leaving behind a puddle of oil on the street every time. It's starting to eat holes in the street and it's annoying to step in it and track it in your car and house. It's a dark grey minivan. Will post license plate number when available.