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  • 415 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Recycling was not picked up today.
  • 415 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    This ladder was discovered up against our house behind the bushes. I pulled it out to the curb for fear somebody was planning something nefarious or they saw the value of all that aluminum in a damaged ladder.
  • Parks Request Archived
    30-32 Trumbull Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Another Bradford Pear tree which is virtually dead dropped a limb on the sidewalk and someones front steps in the last 48 hours.
  • Intersection Of Orange And Trumbull Streets New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven

    There are potholes along a filled trench for cabling done in 2001. A few were filled by the repaving men a few weeks ago. Further from their work zone there are others. They are not a big deal for any vehicle with shock absorbers—but for trucks, with equipment not secured and parts not secured, the sounds are horrendous, sometimes sounding like gunshots on impact.

    There is also a sink hole on Orange Street near the stop line going north. Nearly invisible, it has the equivalent result when a truck hits it. It is actually more easily seen at night when the on-coming cars lights leave it in darkness.

    Please give these a look. If you are out when trucks are making deliveries: early evening or early morning, you will know what I mean.

  • 415 Orange St At Trumbull St New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    This rotted 4 x 6 debris obviously fell off somebodies junk truck and was moved to the sidewalk. Could we have it removed?