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  • Ridgedale Avenue Madison, NJ, Morris County, NJ - Madison
    The sidewalk on the east side of Ridgedale Avenue is in atrocious condition and has been for years. Ridgedale is a very narrow road considering the traffic volume and the only safe option for pedestrians and joggers is to use the sidewalk. The sidewalk has many bulges, cracks and protruding pieces concrete or bluestone (yes, it's THAT old) all the way from Park Avenue to Fairview Avenue. Under the best lighting circumstances this course can be perilous to navigate. At dusk or at night it's really unpassable. I will try to upload a representative image so you can see the type of issue that is prevalent. I believe this is a county road, so I'm not sure who's responsible for maintaining the sidewalk. Maybe nobody, which is why it's in such a state of disrepair.