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  • Sawmill Drive suwanee, Georgia - Suwanee
    6/10 of a mile north of lawrenceville suwanee RD intersection on right lane and near the shoulder. this is in the northbound lane. this pothole is a few hundred feet north of a recently patched pothole in the same lane
  • Georgia 403 Suwanee, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    two potholes in right lane just as the on ramp starts to merge with 85N . they have been there for several months, each are about a foot wide
  • Interstate 85 Suwanee, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    at least two potholes in right lane or second to the right on 85 N , just prior to traffic merging from right on ramp onto 85 N A bout 500 yards before the merge. Near these pots holes several pot holes have been repaired within the last year.
    these are new pot holes.
  • 325-399 Sawmill Dr Suwanee, GA 30024, USA - Suwanee
    Beyond recently repaired pothole is a new one on the right N bound lane near right of the lane