Dave S.

  • Falling tree Archived
    100-136 Fraley Road Gastonia, North Carolina - Gaston County
    There is a tree that is falling, and hanging over the road. It has been like that for over a week. Cars must drive around it
  • Intersection Of Oates Rd. And Bessemer City Hwy. Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    The blacktop on the railroad crossing is too narrow. When new black top was put on the road, it was put on narrower on the railroad crossing than the road on both sides of the crossing. This creates a large drop from the blacktop, and exposes the tracks to a vehicle tire. The other day my daughter was going over the crossing, and a school bus was crossing from the other direction, taking up a larger portion of the blacktop. My daughter had to try to squeeze over to the edge, consequently hitting the track with the right front tire. This damaged the tire and bent the rim. Repairs were about $500. The blacktop at the tracks needs to be the same width or wider than the blacktop of the road on each side. It is difficult anyway, because it is hard to see over the track.especially if turning onto oates rd from Fraley rd.
  • 101 East Virginia Avenue Bessemer City, North Carolina - Bessemer City
    I ride a motorcycle. Not a small one. It weighs about 750 lbs with me on it. The traffic lights do not change so that I can turn left or go straight.. I have to either turn right make a u-turn and then go back or wait for traffic to clear and make the left. This is a problem at all of the lights in Bessemer city, and probably most lights in Gastonia.