Sandy, UT Neighbor

  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    Sandy Utah - Sandy
    SE corner of Monroe and sego Lily, on sidewalk
  • Graffiti Closed
    8780 S 60 E Sandy, Utah, 84070 - Sandy
    In the outdoor pavilion in main street park, someone has graffitied the cement floor with charcoal, and the caller wasn't sure how to clean it up.
  • 1990 E 9800 S Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    The problem is on the corner, back in the trees next to a fence.
  • Graffiti Closed
    9400 S Highland Dr Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    Graffiti on wall by post office
  • Hydrant Leak Archived
    179 E Julie Anna Dr Sandy, Utah, 84070 - Sandy
    Fire hydrant leaking on E Julie Anna Dr Sandy. Constant stream water flow .
  • E Buttercup Dr Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    Lights are burnt out in North Parking lot.
  • 9663 S Flint Dr Sandy, Utah, 84094 - Sandy
    The storm drain is clogged with the neighborhood leaf collection that residents do not clean up. Also the storm drain north of this address likely needs cleaning as well.
  • 2299 E 9800 S Sandy City, UT, 84092, USA - Sandy
    "road work ahead" sign flipped over and was damaged during the high winds. We attempted to stand it back up, but the sign is removed from the stand.
  • Graffiti Archived
    11172 S Ohenry Rd Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Graffiti along bike trail on white fence. Looks brown and just a design. Next to trax.
  • Water Quality Issue Acknowledged
    8371 S Colene Dr Sandy, Utah, 84094 - Sandy
  • Water Quality Issue Acknowledged
    Storm Mountain Park - Sandy
    Someone called about the water quality of storm mountain park, and they said that it was getting watered too much and they said they thought there was a sprinkler problem. They called around 2:50 and I'm not sure how much is true, because they were pretty disgruntled on the phone.
  • Graffiti Archived
    9868 S Cascade Park Dr Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Graffiti reported on a vinyl fence at Dewey Bluth Park.
  • 10286 S Calla Lily Way Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    Mr. John Davies 801-891-0422 reported that the fencing on the back of his property that backs up to Sego Lily has a rotted post that is leaning over. He would like it repaired. Please call him at the above phone number if access to his yard is needed for the repair.
  • 9939 S Wildflower Rd Sandy, Utah, 84092 - Sandy
    Basketball hoops are ripped and need to be replaced.
  • Graffiti Archived
    10107-10139 S 1300 E Sandy, UT, 84094, USA - Sandy
    Graffiti on trail
  • 4126 E Wildcreek Rd Sandy City, UT, 84092, USA - Salt Lake County
    Our water pipes have been struggling. We had a Plummer look (listen) to the “knocking” when a faucet is turned on. He thinks a “rock is blocking the city pipe”. We now have minimal water pressure and sometime, just a small trickle.
  • Graffiti Archived
    450 E 7800 S Midvale, Utah, 84047 - Sandy
    On the south side of the street, on the walkway, there is a gang tag on the cement.
  • 10822 S Savannah Dr Sandy, Utah, 84094 - Sandy
    Caller described that the walking path behind her home has water pooling by the landscaped part of the path, could be a drip line issue.
  • 9884 S Cascade Park Dr Sandy City, UT, 84070, USA - Sandy
    Farthest North East Light out by pickleball courts at Dewey Bluth.
  • 84093 Sandy, UT, USA - Sandy
    The lights at flat iron park in the pickelball courts went off at 9pm. The orange light flashed when you pressed the turn on it did not work. The orange light kept flashing even after many a tried pressing the button. The lights went off little after 9pm. They need to get fixed please.