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Bob Smiley

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,840
  • Abandoned car Archived
    1516 Harrison St. Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Silver Cadillac, no tag and vin missing in the drive way behind 1516 Harrison st. Been there a few weeks.
  • Wakeling St. And Aramingo Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Traffic light at Wakeling and Aramingo is green for only 5 seconds for traffic entering Aramingo from Wakeling. That is not long enough to get your car moving.
  • Abandoned van Archived
    4831 Penn St. Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    In the alley between Penn and Griscom at 4831 Penn is a van with no tags and expired inspection. Broken windows and has not moved in months. Has been vandalized. Kids are climbing on it when they are out of school.