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It went to sheriff sale in January and Wells Fargo took it back. The bank should want to protect it and seal ut from squatters. If they don't it will be worthless in no time. Have u talked to the Northwood civic. They are on facebook.
Where r the cops?
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Issue has been resolved.
Actually its white. Picture attached, where is philly311 when you need them?
I just checked and it looks like you are in the PSA2 area. I think the border is Bridge Street. It might be worthwhile to come to the meeting for PSA1 anyway and get some direction.
There is a PSA1 meeting Tuesday night April 24th at 7PM at Aria Hospital at Frankford and Wakeling. You can come and talk to the Lt. about the problem directly. The more people you have from your block the better it will be. 2nd floor conference room. It's confidential.
I was in the same situation a few years ago and sealed it up anyway. It did not do much good the vandals broke in again and again. What is the exact address? There other ways to find the new owner besides the city records online if it has been sold.
The local residents do wonder how a proper inspection can be made when access to the rear of the property is limited by the locked gates to the back alley. That is the only way you can really see the damage. Next inspector should knock on the neighbors doors to ask for access to the back alley. Do the inspectors take pictures for the report?
You might consider attending the PSA Area 2 Meeting March 22nd, 2012 07:00 PM
3501 Levick Street, at St. Timothy's You get to talk directly to the police Lt. and its confidential
If you email me with details to I would be happy to post it on our site. I would need access to the house to do video.
How long will it take until some innocent resident of this block gets hurt
Folks down that end of Penn Street need some help. This is right around the corner from St. Joachim Church
Still too short.
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Tree removed.
Issue Reopened
False report, tree is still down blocking the street.
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The tree has been removed.
This is the kind of problem that will only get worse unless its addressed.

Link to the video of the location on youtube