Andy B.

  • 600 Menlo Avenue Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    I just saw an Ellison's Towing flatbed truck just bend the one-way sign in the median of Menlo Avenue into a lane of traffic! It's about 50 feet west of El Camino Real. Someone's gonna hit this sign...
  • Stanford University Palo Alto, California - Stanford
    Pasteur Drive has inadequate lane markings during construction!
  • 3620 Allendale Ave Oakland, California - Allendale
    Over one foot deep, some kind of collapsed sewer?! Not opening much wider, but it's been there for at least a month. Seriously, a sinkhole, not a pothole. Photo shows my leg in the hole. On Allendale slightly west of Abbey (bet. 35th & 38th Aves.)
  • 3600 Block 39th Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    Partly on private property, mostly on the sidewalk. Random garbage. On the west side of the street, between the Bank of America and the house on the corner.
  • High St & International Blvd Oakland, CA - South Kennedy Tract

    If anyone's ever tried to take High Street between, say, Maxwell Park or the Laurel to 880 or Alameda during the day, especially about 2-7pm, knows this horrific backup.

    Here's the situation: There are two lanes of traffic in each direction, no left turn lanes, no median barrier, no bike lanes, sidewalks abutting lanes of traffic (ie, no room to widen the street). The traffic light is on the simplest cycle imaginable: green for International, green for High, repeat.

    When the light turns green for High Street, traffic in the left lane almost invariably wants to turn left, and has to yield to oncoming traffic, blocking the left lane for most of the cycle of the light. Meanwhile, traffic in the right lane has to yield to the high volume of pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood, which can easily block the right lane. It is not uncommon for traffic to only be able to advance a couple of car lengths per green. To make matters worse, few drivers signal their intentions to turn, at best at the last second when it is too late to get out of their lane!

    While I don't expect any progress on Oakland driving etiquette, A left turn lane would alleviate a lot of this traffic. Perhaps signs at Courtland and 880 advising through traffic to take SR 77 (42nd Avenue).

    Here's my ideal situation for this intersection: approaching International on High (in either direction), there would be, from right to left, a right turn lane, a through traffic lane, a left turn lane, and the opposing through traffic lane, coupled with signalized left turns, in all four directions (there is already a left turn lane on International, but no separate signal phase). This geometry involves some slight weaving in the intersection, but only about as much as there currently is at High and Foothill. Of course, it means that technically, this would create a bottleneck as two lanes in each direction merge into only one, but one lane that actually moves would be a remarkable improvement over none!

    I have to drive this stretch of road multiple times a day, and I just can't believe how long this dysfunctional intersection has remained unchanged. Thank you!

  • 4245 Masterson St. Oakland, CA - Upper Laurel
    You can see this pothole in Google Maps Street View! It's on the western side of the easternmost speed bump just west of High Street in the eastbound lane of Masterson St (if you can follow that!).
  • 3350 Maple Ave Oakland, CA - Laurel
    One whole crapton of trash has been left under the 580 overpass over Maple Avenue, very recently! Thank you!
  • 600 High St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Arrowhead Marsh

    during recent construction, the lane markings on high street underneath the 880 viaduct have disappeared. anyone who didn't travel this route routinely before the construction started a year or so ago finds themselves abruptly changing lanes, much to the annoyance and confusion of more seasoned locals.

    now obviously, as signs nearby tell me, construction will continue for years to come. i'm not asking for nice, permanent lane markings. all i'd like is for some guy in an orange vest to go out some night soon with a can of white marking paint and paint a couple quick dashes on the ground!

    also, there's a barrier in the northeastbound direction that is partially blocking the right lane of traffic, adding to the confusion. if someone with a backhoe, after doing some other roadwork, could nudge it back a few feet, it would ease the confusion.

    thank you so much!!!

  • 1418 24th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Oak Tree
    ok, in a perfect world, jack in the box corporate would pay to fill this pothole, but let's face it, they won't. this is, quite honestly, one of the more heavily-trafficked spots in oakland, and the city would make itself look good to a lot of people if this one got patched soon. thank you!
  • deep pothole Archived
    4011-4057 Masterson St Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Upper Laurel
    deteriorating previous roadwork. thank you!
  • 3901 Aliso Ave Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Redwood Heights

    when you're headed westbound, along aliso, uphill, and looking for the streetsign for 39th ave, it is hidden behind a (quite well-manicured) bottlebrush plant.

    furthermore, i would think an amicable solution would be to move the street sign across the street to the freeway right-of-way, rather than having the private landowner drastically prune their tree.

  • pothole Archived
    Mountain Blvd At Rusting Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Redwood Heights
    on westbound Mountain Blvd just past Rusting (coulda sworn that was Rustling) and the onramp to westbound 580, medium-sized pothole near the middle of the road. Thank you!
  • Underpass To Nb Warren Fwy From Seminary Ave Exit Of I-580 Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Redwood Heights

    OK, when you take the Seminary Ave/Warren Fwy - 13 exit (Exit 26) on eastbound 580, then make the left turn to go under the underpass to NB 13, someone has illegally dumped a bunch of furniture under the underpass.

    a couple mattresses (maybe a mattress and a set of box springs), a bed frame, and i think a chest of drawers.

    looks like some lazy person just got a new bedroom set and didn't feel like trucking the old one to the transfer station in san leandro :(

  • High St Offramp Of I-880 Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
    During the reconfiguring of the High St offramp from southbound 880, the old lane markings were sandblasted off, and in all the rains, the sandblasted pavement has eroded about 3 inches. This groove in the pavement is very unsafe, especially now that the exit requires such a quick, sharp turn. It might be easier to grind or sandblast the edges of the groove down smooth, rather than trying to fill it in. Thank you!
  • Pothole Archived
    4500 Oakport St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Arrowhead Marsh
    Pothole on eastbound Oakport St just east of High St, before the onramp to southbound 880.
  • Pothole Archived
    1299 E 12th St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - East Peralta
    Very harsh pothole on the right side of the left lane of eastbound E 12th St at 13th Ave.
  • Potholes Archived
    1180 25th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Hawthorne
    Two potholes, about 20 feet apart, on the northwest side of 25th Ave, between E 12th St and International. Under your right tire when you're driving southwestbound (from International to E 12th), or across the street from McDonalds.
  • Pothole Archived
    1900-1998 Sunset Blvd San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Outer Sunset
    left lane of southbound Sunset Blvd at the north end of Pacheco. Deep and wide.
  • pothole Archived
    3451 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
    left lane of eastbound San Leandro St between 34th and 35th Avenues
  • 17000 E 14th St San Lorenzo, CA 94541, USA - Ashland

    There does not appear to be any signage indicating that the onramp to westbound 238 is on 170th Ave. If I hadn't've had a map, I wouldn't've found it. The onramp is one (short) block up 170th, so "Freeway Entrance" signs on the corner would be inappropriate, but "to I-238" or something, ideally hanging from the traffic signal.

    This intersection is in unincorporated Alameda County (called "Ashland" on most maps, but whatever), but because E 14th St is also state highway 185, this is probably under the oversight of the state.