Morning in CT

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    Church And Chapel New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    A typical, public safety minded day in New Haven:

    Yesterday, crossing Church Street southbound on the walk sign about 5pm on the western block inside of the crosswalk. A young lady on a Town Green scooter keeps coming straight ahead, into the crosswalk, paying no mind to a poor guy crossing Chapel on a wheelchair, looking straight ahead like a wooden indian. I yell "crosswalk..look at where you are going...." pays me no mind..(typical) and stops in a hurry. If I did not yell..its better than even money she would have hit us both,

    I then take my car out of the lot behind Center and go to Church to make a right turn. A utility truck is doing work blocking the left view..with no police guard. I stop the car and tap the horn and talk to the man on duty and say "what's the matter, the City too cheap to pay a cop?". He says to me he one is on the way (?). Since I can't see a blessed thing behind the truck, I ask for his help to see the traffic, which he kindly provides).

    This kind of behavior (police late to the fair, and people working on scooters for the city) is all too common downtown. and I wish someone in authority would earn their salary and pay attention to it.

  • Xl Center Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    NICE JOB last night Hartford in removing NO snow in anticipatoin of the UCONN crowd lasrt night...snow drifts everywhere, people in the street, nowhere to walk, jammed traffic...highly dangerous.

    Next time, either remove the snow, or have enough brains to cancel the event.