Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 975
  • 5th And Christian Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Queen Village
    I witnessed a Silver Nissan Sentra with NJ plates #C21-EHW follow 2 cyclists dangerously closely from 5th and Christian to 5th and South. It probably began before 5th and Christian because the guy was laying on his car horn the whole time and I heard it before I saw them at 5th and Christian. This was between 9:20 and 9:30 this morning (3-23-15).
  • 12th & Tasker Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    The guy from this issue: is back to his old tricks. He is illegally parking in the crosswalk with his (Florida) license plate obscured and his VIN # covered up.

    I couldn't get a picture of it but on the southwest corner (this is the southeast corner), there is another vehicle illegally parked in the cross walk with the same Highway Patrol sticker obscuring its license plate.

  • 8th And Spruce Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill

    I witnessed the vehicle in the attached photos almost run a cyclist off the road at approximately 5pm on 10/15/12

    The driver had been honking aggressively the previous block, and as he crossed over spruce st. coming down 8th, he merged toward the cyclist, who was in front of him at the time (in the driver's field of vision). The cyclist had to brake in order to avoid being run into the curb.

  • 912 Fitzwater St Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    Black late model BMW Sedan (maybe 5 or 6 series) was burning out at stop signs and reaching speeds ~40-50 mph between stop signs. As he passed me on my bike going this speed, he almost ran into another cyclist on the other side of the road.

    I could still see him driving very fast and aggressively toward Broad St. on Fitzwater.

    PA license plate # GFY 6681

  • 1601-1603 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    The same guy from this report: is back parking illegally again and is covering up his license plate and VIN.

    See the link for more information.

  • Jefferson And N. 2n Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown

    Blue Van Lic. # HJP 2200 was honking at me and then passed within inches several times.

    Vehicle also had a business decal on it. Something like "Complete Basements"

  • S 13th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    There is a spot between spruce and locust on 13th St. where there is ALWAYS garbage grease and debris in the bike lane. Not just on trash days. It is there everyday, and its new grease/debris everyday. This is especially hazardous when it is raining.
  • 1500 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Passyunk Square
    The southwest corner of 13th and Dickinson always has cars illegally parked. Blocking a fire hydrant, the cross walks and line of sight for cyclists, pedestrians and cars. Most of this is people popping in to Ippolito's but many times it is delivery (sized) trucks, making sight lines even worse. This is a constant safety threat.