Mira Lutgendorf Debs

  • 338 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    I called the Traffic dept. and left a message, but I want to post here as well. The left turn southbound on State street at the intersection of Grove and Olive stays red, no green arrow. It's very dangerous!
  • Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT - East Rock
    Whitney avenue is supposed to be for cyclists as well as for drivers, but it feels very unsafe as soon as you cross from New Haven into Hamden. Could the poor condition sidewalk around the resevoir be converted into a bike path?
  • Connolly Parkway Hamden, CT - Hamden
    Lots of branches and acorns on the Farmington Canal bike trail at Connolly and also Treadwell. There is glass on the bike path at Goodrich St.
  • Spring Glen Hamden - Spring Glen
    Walking my 1 1/2 old daughter in a stroller is hazardous in our Spring Glen neighborhood because of badly cracked and rutted sidewalks. There are no handicapped curbs. Some worst offenders are 100 Wakefield, 200 Thornton and Connolly Drive.