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  • 2375 Stevens Road Raleigh North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Storm debris from Hurricane Matthew from 10-13, Solid Waste was notified per City instructions. A bobcat rearranged on 10-19, left mess in the street & was expected to return promptly to collect & hasn't.
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    2376 Stevens Road Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Orange cone at steet's edge is marking a hole that is about 15" deep and runs under the street. The Public Utilities Department was contacted and the orange cone was place back in June, but nothing has been done!
  • 2408 Milburnie Road Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    The GoRaleigh bus stop located near the corner of Milburnie Rd and Culpepper Ln would benefit from general maintenance and the addition of a trashcan. There is currently a littering problem surrounding the stop.
  • 2222 Milburnie Road Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Sidewalk is obstructed by low-hanging branches.
  • 1021 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Cars frequently park too near the parking-lot entrance along northbound Oberlin Rd (see attached picture), resulting in a visual obstruction. No-parking signage would help.
  • 2101-2199 Oakwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Vegetation is encroaching on sidewalk.
  • 400-2298 Bertie Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    There is a large recently dead oak tree on the north bank of the Longview Branch Stream, very near the intersection of Lard Ashley Rd and Bertie Dr. The tree is leaning towards Bertie Dr and overhands power-lines.
  • 2201 Milburnie Road Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Gupta rental property that has excessively tall grass in front yard that requires mowing. The condition has existed for 2+ weeks.
  • 1021 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough
    Cars park too near to corner of shopping center entrance along north bound Oberlin Rd resulting in sight distance issues.
  • 2221 Milburnie Road Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Sidewalk is obstructed by vegetation overgrowth.
  • 601-699 Locke Lane Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Tree limbs were cut and have been left blocking the sidewalk for over a week.
  • 2312 Milburnie Rd Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    The rear lot of Longview Methodist Church (along Stevens Rd) has overgrown grass (> 8" high) and large tree debris left over from the tornado last April.
  • Locke Ln Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    The Longview Park Community Watch completed a Adopt-A-Stream cleanup today in the Longview Branch tributary that runs along Locke Ln. A long yellow plastic pipe was discovered in the stream channel. It was unclear if it is garbage (probably) or some other unknown utility equipment. In either case, the pipe was too well buried to be removed by hand. The pipe is visible from the street near the Stevens Rd intersection.
  • W Franklin St Raleigh, NC - Mordecai
    A single sign denotes the entire north side of W Franklin St as no parking at any time. However, cars frequently park very close to the stop sign where W Franklin meets Semart Drive, causing poor visibility at that intersection. The street and the signage appear to be public, apologies if this is a private property issue (will take it up with property management, if that's the case). Thanks.
  • Culpepper Cir Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    There is a pet waste station on the south side of Culpepper Park that doesn't receive refills of bags (though a thoughtful neighbor has been refilling with reused grocery bags). Is the City responsible for stocking these? Also, there are other City maintained parks in this area that would benefit from additional pet waste stations. What is the proper means for making this type of requests?
  • Water Leak Archived
    2319 Stevens Rd Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    Significant quantity of
    water seeping out of the ground near the street and flowing across
    2319 Stevens Rd. driveway toward the storm drain. The point of origin is
    near where the Public Utilities Dept. recently dug up the street to make repairs.
  • W Edenton St Raleigh, NC - North Central
    Over the course of several months I have observed a potentially dangerous traffic pattern on W Edenton St between N Dawson and N McDowell associated with students being dropped off at the Sacred Heart Cathedral School during the morning rush hour (~730am). Cars are stopping in significant numbers in the left most through lane to discharge student passengers. In combination with the speed of traffic and light cycle timing at the intersections of N McDowell St and N Dawson St, these stopped cars cause merging and congestion for both through traffic and traffic turning left onto N Dawson St. This is particularly a problem as stopped cars attempt to rejoin the through and turning traffic pattern. Further exacerbating the vehicular traffic are pedestrians not crossing at corners, again associated with the school. Perhaps a designated loading zone and school zone need be considered, as well as traffic light timing.