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  • 100-112 East Capitol St Ne Washington, DC 20543, USA - Capitol Hill
    Cyclists ride right through the intersection at red lights with no regard as to themselves nor others. They are supposed to follow the rules of the road - it would be helpful (as a pedestrian) if the laws were enforced. It is particularly bad at the 1st and E Capitol Street intersection.
  • 1200 Ballard St Silver Spring MD 20910 - Silver Spring
    There is a tree that desperately needs trimming. It's a beautiful tree but the branches make using the neighboring sidewalk impossible - unless one happens to be less than 3.5 feet tall.
  • 8600-8606 2nd Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    There is a stop sign for vehicles on Fenwick Lane (at the intersection, it does not go through, so one must turn right or left). As a pedestrian who walks by here much of the time, many of the people driving on Fenwick heading onto 2nd don't stop whatsoever (or perform a "rolling stop"). It would be helpful if this sign was enforced - the rule is, one must ALWAYS stop at a stop sign, whether or not there is traffic or pedestrians.
  • 8577-8599 2nd Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    The snow and ice from this week's snow has made the sidewalk along 2nd Ave (at 2nd Ave and Fenwick Lane, the corner with the Octave building), including the corner as it turns onto Fenwick, near impassable - too slippery and dangerous to walk on. It needs to be cleared.
  • 1398 Noyes Drive Silver Spring Maryland - Silver Spring

    At the intersection of Georgia Ave and Noyes Dr, there is an intersection allowing for pedestrian crossing of Georgia allow Noyes. However, (according to people on the neighborhood listserv, not from personal experience), many drivers don't stop for pedestrians here.

    It would be nice if there was: 1. police observation of this and/or 2. signs up reminding drivers of the law (stop for pedestrians). There is are no stoplights at this intersection and it is unclear why no signs have been placed there as of yet. One recommendation is a HAWK beacon (

  • 8737-8747 1st Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    The alley (connecting 1st Ave and Georgia Ave) needs signs - particularly at the 1st Ave end of the road - telling people to stop or at least yield and reminding them to be aware of pedestrians. I've had too many near hits whenever I walk on the sidewalk as I pass the alley.
  • 8550-8552 2nd Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring

    Some near accidents occuring, especially in the late fall/winter/early spring when the days are still dark. A lot of people crossing in the middle of the street (non-crosswalk, implied or otherwise), wearing dark clothing so they are difficult to see, and the people are clearly paying attention to their cell phones instead of their surroundings.

    The police need to keep an eye on this area (by the court and the Metro Plaza ) during heavy traffic hours during this time of the year since some pedestrians are incapable of common sense.

  • 1301-1367 Spring St Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA - Silver Spring
    There are two streetlights out on Georgia Avenue (one at Georgia and Spring, next to Woodside Urban Park) and the other directly across Georgia from the other. It makes nighttime crossing either Georgia and Spring difficult as it It harder for drivers to see the pedestrians.
  • 9300 Saint Andrews Way Silver Spring Maryland - Silver Spring
    The St. Andrews Way, Sligo Creek Parkway/Colesville Road intersection needs to be rethought and analyzed. Northbound on Colesville Road is near impossible to make a left turn onto Sligo/St Andrews before nine in the morning as the left arrow doesn't go into effect until nine a.m. As busy as that intersection is, any turn arrows/full cycles should be available 24 hours per day.
  • 8729-8799 1st Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring

    1st Avenue has been in rough shape for years now. After the water main repair, the road was patched. There are still lots of cracks and rough road.

    Unfortunately, we are right near Woodside Urban Park which will be completely renovated starting in the fall and the heavy equipment that will be used will only cause more damage to the street.

  • 6 Columbus Monument Drive Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Capitol Hill
    The traffic signals don't work in pedestrians' favor at Delaware and Massachusetts. In the evening, the traffic lights go through two cycles before the pedestrian crossing light signals to go. And later in the mornings, it often takes at least five minutes for the pedestrian signal to switch to a go indicator, thus making pedestrians impatient and cross against the light.
  • 453-499 Louisiana Avenue Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Downtown
    Drivers appear to feel that since they don't need to stop, they can roll right through the intersection despite the fact the pedestrians in the crosswalk have a signal indicating that they can go.
  • pothole Archived
    8732 1st Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    There is a fairly large pothole near on 1st Ave (in front of 8732) - luckily, not blocking the driveway, but an inconvenience for anyone driving toward Spring.
  • 8729-8799 1st Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring
    The garbage can on the outkirt of Woodside Park (along 1st Ave) is overflowing and the garbage has not been picked up in well over a week. We have seen foxes scavenging for food among the trash there. Something needs to be done about this soon with the foxes moving into looking for food in the yards across the street from the park.
  • 1400-1432 Spring Street Silver Spring, Maryland - Silver Spring

    There were new leaning trees planted along Spring Street. Unfortunately, they weren't planted well and are leaning. They are also leaning on the power lines. As the trees grow (at severe angles), this will only get worse.

    I have attached a picture that I took a short while ago.

  • 8729-8799 1st Ave Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    A tree has fallen on the tennis court at Woodside Park, damaging the tennis court fence again (I believe this may be the remaining half of the tree that fell during the derecho storm months ago). This time it was due to Hurricane Sandy.
  • 1st Ave & Fenwick Lane Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    Currently, this insection only has two stop signs - one for traffic coming out of the parking garage and one for traffic on 1st Avenue. Fenwick Lane doesn't have any stop signs, so vehicles can plow right on through. Often cars and trucks are parked so pedestrians' views of cars coming by on Fenwick are blocked. It would be more helpful if this was turned into a four-way stop (albeit, people often don't make (full and complete) stops as it is at the 1st street sign).
  • dead raccoon Archived
    8729-8799 1st Ave Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    There is a dead raccoon in the middle of the street in front of 8732 1st Avenue.
  • 8729-8799 1st Ave Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    There are two trees by Woodside Park: one is totally down, and is fallen across the tennis court gate; the other is right near it, having partially been downed. Both occurred during the storms a week ago. While the tennis court tree hasn't impeded use of the court, it is a reminder of the last major storm which did the same thing. Luckily, the damage isn't as bad this time around.
  • Garbage Archived
    1st Ave Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring
    A bunch of garbage at this public trash can has been pulled and dumped out of the can and dumped on the ground surrounding the unit. It was possibly done by either an animal or a homeless person overnight (it is currently Sunday morning). I'm not sure anyone in the neighborhood wants to wait until trash day on Thursday to see it cleaned up.