• 2300-2316 Chestnut St Chester, PA 19013, USA - Chester
    At the traffic light before you cross over Providence Ave to continue onto Chestnut Pkwy there are arrows on the road that NO ONE EVER PAYS ATTENTION TO!! The arrows are fading but still readable, however I think if they were freshly painted then people would know the appropriate lanes to use or maybe some signs should be posted..b/c the left lane is supposed to be designated for left turns/going straight & the right lane is designated for RIGHT TURNS ONLY! however 98% of the time I am cut off by someone going straight in the "right turn only" lane & I've come within inches of being side-swiped SEVERAL times & then I get people yelling at me & flipping me off b/c I'm doing the correct thing! PLEASE FIX THIS B/C PRETTY SOON I WILL END UP IN AN ACCIDENT THAT ISN'T MY FAULT! =(