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Agreed! Strongly! But it's a traffic design issue at base. Pedestrians can and should have a dedicated crossing there (along with a No Turn on Red for northbound traffic), not a crossing that pits them against frustrated drivers who've been backed up on Church/Whitney who are in a hurry to get to the highway on-ramp.
So tired of people using Edgewood Park (and Springside Avenue/West Rock Park) as their personal dumpsters ....
Sorely needed and has been suggested before ... worth suggesting again!
It's a tricky spot. I feel uncomfortable at that underpass even in broad daylight. It's an important passageway through the park--surely there are other creative solutions in addition to lighting.
Thank you for telling people about what happened, and for opening a case with the police. Whether the police can "solve the crime" or not, they need to be kept aware by an active populace that tries to make things better. I'm sorry this happened to you.
I pass through there frequently and agree although I'd say keep the traffic signal, as it does alert you to the merge, but just remove the "No Turn on Red," which causes unnecessary waiting, as that's a pretty long light. Perhaps the traffic signal could be changed to flashing red?
So sorry to hear of this. The complaint appears to have been posted on Sept. 26, so did the event actually happen on Wed., Sept. 25? Good to get the date straight so you can follow up with the NHPD or NHPS school transportation (if it was in fact an NHPS bus).
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Well, whaddya know. In any case, it's quite broken again!
But ... it's even more damaged now than it was years ago. Never been addressed, then or now.
It was not the city's but the state's project, since that is a state DOT highway. The DOT had no interest in what residents had to say. It was a done deal by the time they "invited input."
Agreed. There has always been dumping ... especially along Springside Ave as well ... but it does seem worse in recent years.
Yes--a child (mine) had a bad, bloody bicycle accident here last summer trapped between the vines and the railing, trying to avoid both. Our family spent a few hours cutting it all back afterwards so that people could use it safely last summer. In other years, I know there have been community efforts to keep the vines trimmed back, too. Parks may not respond because it isn't really inside a park.
Very important! There is a public high school right near by, and it is heavily traveled by pedestrians (despite the heavy, high speed traffic).
One of my children used this trail to bike to work last summer and had a very bad bicycle accident on the trail due to the knotweed! It caught in her bicycle and knocked her over; she was injured and is permanently scarred as a result. That same night our family went and spent an hour or so trimming all the knotweed back ourselves last July. Obviously it's time to do so again ....
Why would it be open regularly? Nonofficial vehicles driving into/through the park seems unnecessary and unwanted. Vehicular access to the parking area (not the park drive) near the tennis and basketball courts, and skatepark, is available off West Rock Avenue, just around the corner.
I saw many such postings driving through Westville today. People should check their street trees for notices!
I drive through this intersection all the time. Seems fine. What are you saying the problem is?