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Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed looking through the proposal. I really love it. I for one would definitely spend more time at the green. One of my concerns is that it would become an area of sketchy behavior. The Chapel St side of the Lower Green has always been my least favorite part about the Green, I especially love the idea to reenergize that section. My biggest concerns are with the roads. I would suggest a new traffic light mid block on Temple St. That could calm speeds and make crossing the street safer. I would also strongly encourage dedicated bus lanes on Elm Street from College St to Temple St, on Temple St from Elm St to Chapel St, and along Chapel St (at least from Church St to College St). From what I understand, a cycle track is already under consideration.
Aren't there walks signals both at Water Street and Meadow Street?

Potholes are still very bad, and dangerous on this block. I ride pretty slowly down here, but almost got into a bit of an accident today from one particularly nasty one.

Please repave!!

Totally, Doug. School of Architecture has a lot of spaces, but those can fill up pretty quickly. When that happens, parking meters are filled up soon after. Had a tough time finding some space for my bike at the intersection the other day.
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Glad to see positive thinking :)
See the previously posted issue here
You know, I never thought about that. There is always a good amount of passengers who get picked up at this spot, and I suppose that the stop could at least have a shelter.
Jimmy's a great guy! Like the other posts said, just ask him to turn it down, he wouldn't mind at all!
The idea for it to only apply during peak hours is catchy, I like it. I support.
Just got off the bus there today. There was tons of glass surrounding the bus shelter, it was impossible to avoid stepping on glass.
Agreed, I think that something should be done about this, it seems like a pretty dangerous situation
What about a bike corral just a block farther up Elm Street, by Park St? It's a nice space, and Elm Street by there is right by the start of where it begins to be the preferred bike route downtown.
On Eldert St, also. Don't know about any other streets.
And the new public announcement system was supposed to be completed this Spring, wasn't it? What's with the delay??
If not a bike lane, then at least sharrows can be used. I'd also like to note that by the roundabout at West Park, there are sharrows just for that segment of the route (that are placed incorrectly, I believe)
I don't live in the neighborhood

I don't understand why they have to put the SLE trains at the platforms when they idle. It adds extra noise, and I'm sure it's quite unhealthy for people.

This really cannot go on.

I couldn't agree more

New Havenite - The Town Green Special Services is an independent operation, you can learn more here.

It has nothing to do with 360 State.

Second pic..

I took a short walk on Orange St this morning to observe conditions and possible locations of a bike rack. It seems that bikes tend to park on meters and signposts there, and I strongly encourage adding an additional bike rack to the area. Orange Street is an incredibly bicycle friendly street, and it'd be great to increase bicycle parking as the demand grows.

I'm attaching two pictures of spaces on the opposite side of the Grove, by Center St. These are No-Parking Zones, so a bike rack could do well here.