• 696-748 Moore Rd King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA - King of Prussia

    Moore Road has a large number of businesses and a bus stop at each end but there is NO safe way for people to walk from those stops to their workplaces. They're forced to walk in the street because the land on one side is graded steeply so it's not possible to walk there without potentially falling, while the other side has trees and bushes growing up to the road's edge. One business does have a short sidewalk but it's useless because it doesn't connect to anything.

    Almost 10 years ago UM Township promised that sidewalks would be installed but *nothing* has been done. It's not a matter of IF an accident occurs but WHEN.

  • S Gulph Rd Upper Merion, PA 19087, USA - Upper Merion township

    South Gulph Road expands to two lanes each direction at the intersection with Trinity Lane / 476 ramp. Many drivers assume normal "keep right" rules and get in the right-hand lanes, but those end a couple of hundred feet on the other side of the intersection. Drivers have very little warning that they need to squeeze over which causes a lot of close calls.

    If the intersection can't be redesigned, there should at least be better signage on each side, plus those big reflective sideways arrows on the road itself to warn drivers their lane is about to disappear.