• 48 Wiltwyck Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    Today, 4/26/11 @ 3:50pm, yet another 18 wheeler from Dollar General was driving on Witswyk Avenue.

    This time the driver almost collided with my vehicle.

    When will Dollar General be forced to comply with the law? When will tax paying homeowners be allowed a chance to live their lives without the wanton disregard for law from corporations? When will the City enforce the law???

    This is a habitual problem that has created a quality of life issue.

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  • 42 Wiltwyck Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    On 4/26/11 @ 8:39am a "US Express" tractor trailer carrying a "Dollar General" trailer was observed using Wiltswyk Avenue, AGAINST posted signs and city ordinances, STRICLY forbidding the use of Wiltswyk Avenue for any purpose by Dollar General 18 wheeled tractor trailers for delivery and any vehicle over 3 tons.

    Additional Information:
    Last year the same event occurred with disastrous results. While coming out of the Dollar General parking lot, making the same left hand turn onto Wiltswyk Avenue the tractor of the 18 wheeler struck one of the trees on our property, ripped 1/2 of it down in between the tractor and trailer, severely damaging both the tractor and trailer requiring a heavy duty wrecker to remove both & severely damaged the tree.

    This action required Kingston Police Department to close the entire intersection for a prolonged period of time, forced Kingston DPW into heavy amounts of overtime to remove the fallen tree from the tractor and trailer, required DPW to remove part of our tree (note: per city is actually the City's tree due to the proximity to the street. Several private contractors that were contacted by us stated that the tree was terminally injured but that they could not do the work legally as the city owns the tree and the rights to take it down.) and required the City to contact Dollar General and advise them that they ARE NOT ALLOWED to use Wiltswyk Avenue for any means; which was clearly stated when Dollar General petitioned the City to build the store, access was to be from Foxhall Avenue ONLY!

    I ask only that the city ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE CITY!

    I ask that the City contact Dollar General and issue a "cease and desist" order on their wanton disregard for established law.

    Wiltswyk Avenue is CLEARLY posted that NO VEHICLES OVER 3 TONS are permitted access.

    I also ask that the City stop dragging its heels and take the tree down in question as the tree is and has been a liability to our house; as stated in the estimates for removal by the private contractors we solicited.... imminent threat to life and property.

    Remember, it is we as tax payers that will be liable for the damages the tree creates when (not if) it falls; on our vehicles, on our house, on a pedestrian or on a passing motorist.

    Is the City comfortable with taking our daughters life granted? Our lives? An innocent passer-by's life???

  • 158 Elmendorf St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    At this time, Elmendorf Street is CLOSED between Ten Broeck and Bruyn.

    This is NOT a City of Kingston public works project.

    This is a PRIVATE contractor shutting down the ENTIRE road to do PRIVATE work.

    There are NO city police officers present, NO public works officials present & NO posted work permits.

    I contact the Mayor's office; yet seemed to have been brushed off.

    As much as this could be legitimate work, this could also be illegal.

    Neighbors should be notified of road closures & scheduled work; likewise the City should have someone there to oversee the CITY'S INTERESTS and to visually inspect the work as it occurs to ensure that those of us that pay taxes are not being fleeced.

    I simply would like verification that this is PERMITTED WORK with CITY OVERSIGHT and CITY SUPERVISION.

    As permitting any contractor to shut a public road at any time to do anything is highly suspect.

  • 27 Wiltswyk Avenue Kingston, NY - Kingston

    @ 4:45am 2/26/11 I returned home to find the car door to my wifes car open; her car was parked in our driveway.

    We went through the vehicle to make sure nothing was stolen....although it was ransacked, there was nothing to steal.

    We contacted Kingston Police.

    I am posting this to see if anyone else in the area has had a similar issue and to begin charting the locations of where these burglaries are taking place.

  • Drug Sales Archived
    13 Wiltswyk Aven Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston
  • 59 Wiltwyck Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    Vehicles park in front of the abandoned meeting house, make a phone call, receive walk up or drive up service, prep their drug of choice, use their drug of choice, throw out their empty needles and blunt wrappers/contents and leave.

    Mostly happens during the daytime hours.

  • 59 Witswyk Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Kingston

    Wiltswyk Avenue, just east of the Elmendorfer interchange (right by the abandoned "meeting hall") automobiles are using the location to meet for drug sales and to "use" their drugs.

    I have encountered many people doing so, and with the warmer months approaching I am irked by the number of people choosing to get "high" where our daughter rides her bicycle and plays.

    The road has in the past, been a "pullover, make a call, get your stuff and get high" road, and I have done my best to end the activity. Yet after a brief hiatus, the junkies are back.

    The signs you are looking for are easy to see. A car, pulled to the side of the road, with an occupant (or 2), with their heads down (so they can see what they are rolling or injecting),

    The obviousness of the activity could not be more so, as all us homeowners on the block park on our property or infront of it. We don't have young men driving up or walking up to our cars and making a transaction with us. We don't sit in our cars next to an abandoned buildings and we do not keep our heads in our laps, as we don't have a needle we are trying to fill or a blunt we are trying to roll.

    My neighbors and I really would like this to end immediately, as the concern for our physical safety and that of our property is first and foremost.

    It's simple. The police officers (be it NY State Troopers, UC Sheriffs or Kingston PD) know who lives on the block. They see our cars every time they drive by. When there is a car parked and occupied in front of the meeting's for no good reason. Those people need to get stopped and searched, and ARRESTED!

    Crime and illicit use of narcotics will not be tolerated. NOT IN OUR BACKYARD! We ask for service and protection. We ask that it be done without us having to call and complain. We ask that it be done post-haste. We ask that our children be able to play in their backyard. And we thank you for it! Believe you me, we thank you!!!