Stevens Road Resident

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  • 2462 Stevens Road Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - East Raleigh
    Someone has dumped two infant sized mattresses by the phone pole here and they don't seem to be moving for over two weeks now.
  • 2400 Block Of Stevens Road Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh

    Just revisiting an issue that was closed by the city of Raleigh last month, before the problem was solved. The last word from the city is that the project should have wrapped up on January 17th, 2014, then they closed the issue. It's now Feb 6th, and we've seen no progress or updates from the city on the project.

    Can someone please let us know an accurate time table for when we'll have pavement again? We're approaching 8 months on this project and the city has done very little to help move progress forward for us.

    Living on a muddy pothole and gravel ridden street is not only inconvenient and embarrassing but also damaging to all our vehicles, and messy in each of our yards. I'm sure everyone would be very excited to hear from the city when the paving would likely begin and finish.

    Thank you for a prompt update

  • 2400 Block Of Stevens Road raleigh/ wake, NC - East Raleigh

    The water/sewer line work has been occurring on Stevens road since July of 2013. It seems to be dragging out unceremoniously. All the while, our street looks like a war zone due to mud/dirt, gravel, potholes, old road cones, and equipment, haphazardly left in different yards down the block. The progress on the street appears stalled with only a dozen or so houses left on the street.

    What is causing the delay in this project, and when can we expect it to wrap up and have our street back to normal (simple pavement and curbs) like other taxpayers enjoy across other areas of Raleigh?