• 1313 New Bern Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central

    The bus stop shelter in front of Richard B Harrison library only has two seats... far too few for this crowded stop.

    Can this 2-seat bench be replaced with a 3-seat bench (as many other shelters have)? Also, can an additional bench be placed outside of the shelter (there is plenty of space)?

    Lastly, the garbage can lid has been removed, and is currently inside the shelter and being used as a seat.


  • 2501-2599 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The volume of the crosswalk signal at Hillsborough and Horne has recently gotten very loud, and can be heard 2 blocks into NC State's campus. Please lower the volume. Thanks!
  • 1620 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Five Points

    The new CAT bus shelter is built very close to the street. Accessing it requires you to walk within a foot of fast moving traffic. Aside from this being particularly concerning for people with children or intoxicated people, it is inaccessible to those with wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or walkers.

    I appreciate having a new bus shelter, but can it please be replaced with one of the slimmer shelters? Thanks!

  • 1921 Gorman Street Raleigh, North Carolina - West

    The no parking sign on northbound Gorman St and Kaplan Dr appears to have been run over. Can the stub of the pole remaining in the ground be removed and the sign be replaced?

    There was also a Wolfline stop on this pole (and is currently laying on the ground), although I understand if that's not the City's responsibility. But, perhaps the city would be interested in replacing the adjacent CAT bus stop sign with a shared CAT/Wolfline stop.


  • 1213 Kent Rd Raleigh, NC - West
    The sidewalk in front of 1213 Kent Rd is uneven, it has 2 "steps". Please repair, thanks!
  • 1433-1499 Gorman Street Raleigh, North Carolina - West

    The trash can at the bus stop has been completely full and overflowing a bit for about a week.

    Also, in March I reported that a shared CAT/Triangle Transit sign was incorrectly placed at this stop. Triangle Transit does not go by this stop; please replace with a standard CAT bus stop sign.


  • 2161-2199 Cameron Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    Every time the CAT bus makes a right turn from Oberlin Rd to Cameron St, the cars in the left lane of westbound Cameron St must back up about 20 feet (to the point where the double yellow center lines end).

    If the stop line was moved back, cars wouldn't have to back-up and CAT buses wouldn't disrupt the traffic flow. Can the stop line be moved back?


  • 700 Saint Marys Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Five Points

    Along northbound Saint Mary's St immediately after Fallons Flowers it appears a vehicle has hit the speed limit sign, bus stop sign, and wooden light pole.

    The pole is damaged, the speed limit sign is bent over, and the bus stop sign (should be labeled "8 North Hills") appears missing.

    Thanks for fixing!

  • 819 Purser Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Wake County

    The trash can at the CAT bus stop here is full, and overflowing.


  • 2430 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    The talking crosswalk signal on Hillsborough and Horne keeps repeating "press setup button on CCU" (or something similar). It's been doing it all weekend and still is as of Monday evening.


  • 5039-5099 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B

    The CAT bus stop on southbound Capital Blvd @ Spring Forest Rd has a label for "24L". Route 24L does not serve this stop, please remove/cover the label.


  • 2214-2216 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh

    The CAT bus stop at Capital Blvd and Crabtree Blvd (outbound side) was never replaced with a new sign.


  • 3109 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks

    The Wake Forest Rd and Wake Towne Dr intersection has no pedestrian buttons to signal the light to change, so pedestrians must wait for a vehicle to signal the light.

    Also, once the light changes, it does not allow enough time for a pedestrian to completely cross the intersection.

    Please improve this intersection to accommodate pedestrians. Thanks!

  • 1401-1431 Gorman Street Raleigh, North Carolina - West

    Can you please turn down the volume on the new talking signals at the Gorman St & Marcom St intersection?

    The announcement can be heard loud and clear from over a block away.


  • 400 Oberlin Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    Along northbound Oberlin Rd, in front of the construction side, the rain has accumulated into a puddle that makes the sidewalk impassable. The only options are to walk through the puddle, or walk in the street.

    The problem is the sand mound (as seen on the left portion of the attached photo) that prevents the water from draining. Please have whoever is responsible construct a way for rain to drain. Walking in a traffic lane - even briefly - is unsafe.

    Thank you!

  • 200 West Peace Street Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central

    Under the railroad bridge, on the sidewalk along Westbound Peace St, there's a dead bird.

    Also, the sidewalk is completely covered with bird droppings. Is it possible for the sidewalks under the bridge to be cleaned/power-washed?

    Thank you!

  • 424 South Dawson Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central

    A few issues with this CAT bus sign...

    1. It's missing the label for route 11.
    2. The old sign (right next to the new sign) was never taken down.
    3. It's placed in a parking zone. Moving the sign a bit forward to the intersection (Dawson and Cabarrus) would fix this.


  • 3806-3808 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    Please turn down the volume at the crosswalk at Meredith College, it's very loud.

    Also, I know this has been responded to before, but can you please reconsider the repeated use of the word "wait". Using the word "wait" once when the button is pressed would be sufficient for a blind person to know to wait until given the announcement to cross. These talking crosswalks have been installed in Durham too, and they only say "wait" once when the button is pressed. The repeated use of the word "wait" results in me jaywalking as soon as I can to get away. Jaywalking is widespread on Hillsborough St, and pedestrian safety could likely be improved by reducing the annoying noise pollution.

    Thank you!

  • 3806 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade
    The trash can at the bus stop on Hillsborough St in front of Meredith College is completely full. There's also some trash around the stop.
  • Sign down Archived
    Gorman Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    A "Right Turn Must Turn Right" sign is lying in the Han-Dee Hugo's parking lot, on the Faircloth St side.

    I'm not sure where this sign is supposed to go, but if this belongs to the City, I thought the City may be interested in picking it up.