• 68 Highview Rd Viola, NY, 10901, USA - Viola
    There is litter all around this property. Fine the owners.
  • 34 Wilder Rd Monsey, NY, 10952, USA - Wesley Hills
    Lots of litter all around the yard. The owner constantly neglects to pick it up. Fine them.
  • 522-540 New Hempstead Rd New Hempstead, NY, 10977, USA - New Hempstead
    Los of litter in the wooded area by 531 New Hempstead Rd. Someone should clean it up and keep it clean.
  • 132-138 W Ramapo Rd Town of Haverstraw, NY, 10970, USA - Mount Ivy
    Eastbound on 202 before the Rockland Motel.
  • 2 Baldwin Ct Wesley Hills, NY, 10977, USA - Wesley Hills
    The homeowner is neglecting to clean up their property. Lots of litter underneath an evergreen tree that is visible in the fall, winter and spring. Clean it up.
  • Us-202 & Wilder Rd Wesley Hills, NY, 10901, USA - Wesley Hills
    The pumping station smells of sewerage which it often does.
  • 1621 Us-202 Pomona, NY, 10970, USA - Ramapo
    This area needs to be cleaned up.
  • 11 Forshay Rd Monsey, NY, 10952, USA - Viola
    There are no barriers or curbs in this parking lot so cars park wherever they want, often parking so close to the street it is dangerous for traffic. This needs to be fixed. Also cross-walks need to be put in and OBEYED. People cross wherever they want. This is also dangerous.
  • 11 Forshay Rd Monsey, NY, 10952, USA - Viola
    The garbage cans are overflowing and there's litter all around them. Fine the owners.
  • 47 S Parker Dr Monsey, NY, 10952, USA - Viola
    The property owners are neglecting the wooded area between these two streets. Fine them.
  • 699-699 Rt-306 Suffern, NY, 10901, USA - Pomona
    Disgusting litter. The town and the property owners need to clean this up.
  • 66 Forshay Rd Monsey, NY, 10952, USA - Viola
    Litter out front from #66 to Parker Blvd heading north. Fine the property owner.
  • 615-629 New Hempstead Rd Spring Valley, NY, 10977, USA - New Hempstead
    Owner needs to clean up litter along New Hempstead Rd.
  • 64 Forshay Rd Ramapo, New York - Viola
    There is lots of litter by the garbage cans near the road. The owner should clean it up. If not, fine them.
  • 22 Old Nyack Turnpike Monsey, New York - Monsey
    All along Old Nyack Turnpike from Saddle River Road to Chestnut Ridge Road. Some spots are ok but many are not. Clean it up.
  • 125 New York 59 Monsey, New York - Monsey
    Whoever owns this property should be fined.
  • 75 Highview Road Monsey, New York - Viola
    Litter along Highview. Fine the owner.
  • 127 Carlton Road West Suffern, New York - Viola
    Lots of litter along the road. Owner has to keep it clean.
  • 101-103 College Road Suffern, New York - Viola
    Whoever owns this land is not keeping it clean of litter.
  • 682 New York 306 Suffern, New York - Pomona
    Litter on both sides of 306 at Rt 202, below Rt 202.