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  • Water Issue Archived
    North Main Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    Is there something going on with the water in Ansonia? We have noticed that our clothes aren't coming out clean smelling and we get black in our toilets everyday and in the screens in our spouts in the sinks. Are they using the same amount of chlorine?
  • Division Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Derby
    While driving down Division Street yesterday I noticed a big sign in front of the Ansonia portion of the Riverwalk reading "Walk Your Dog Ansonia Riverwalk" Is that just a one day event or can we now walk our dogs on that portion of the riverwalk?
  • South Mail Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Seymour
    Last night (July 5th) Someone or group of people were setting off a huge firework display that was coming from across the river. Not sure if it was in Ansonia or Seymour. The problem is, is that it started at 9 and went on well past 11!!! Really??? This is a Sunday night and MOST people have to go to work Monday morning. I thought there was at least a limit of 10 o'clock for noise? People really should be considerate of others.