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  • 3410 W Cary St Richmond, VA - Carytown

    McDonalds needs to be a little more assertive picking up the trash around their property.

    They pay people to do this so why should the neighboring residents do this for free?

    The amount of litter that floats around this place is atrocious!

  • Virginia St Richmond, VA - Shockoe Slip

    Traffic is supposed to stop for pedestrians but hardly anyone ever does.

    I have stood out here for over 10 minutes before trying to get across the street. Yes--- even when it is bad weather.

    Please do something to enforce the cross walk right-of-way. I guess the giant Day-Glo green sign just isn't enough.

  • 1310 E Canal St Richmond, VA - Shockoe Slip

    Just east of the intersection on the parking deck side of the street, there is a significant pothole due to a missing cobblestone(s).

    I cross the street in the mornings and I cannot count how many times I hear cars bottom out from hitting this pothole just right.

    The pothole is right in a dip of the road just enough to make a car hit the underbody/bumper.

    Please fix before more holes occur and winter wreaks (more) havoc on the road.