• 100 Summer Place Dr. Coppell, Texas - Coppell
    Summer Place Dr. is a fairly long stretch of road where people turning off of Sandy Lake feel they can speed down this road. My dog and I were almost hit the other day by someone speeding around a corner. Would like to see a minimum of 2 speed bumps installed to slow people down.
  • 100 Summer Place Dr. Coppell, TX - Coppell
    The weeds and trees from the vacant lot on the east side of my home are growing out into the alley and scratching the paint on my truck. Some of the weeds intertwined in the chain-link fence along the property are several feet high.
  • 4025 Huffines Blvd. Carrollton, TX - Carrollton
    As the neighborhood grows, Huffines Blvd. is being increasingly used as a raceway. I sit near the window of my office and watch cars (and even sometimes 18-wheelers) fly down the street doing as much as 50mph to avoid traffic at 121 and Hebron Parkway.
  • 4025 Huffines Blvd. Carrollton, TX - Carrollton
    The length of Huffines Blvd. from Hebron Parkway to Bastrop Dr. is without any street lights. The road and sidewalks are pitch black at night which is a safety concern.
  • 2801 Mac Arthur Blvd Lewisville, TX 75067, USA - Lewisville

    West-bound 121 service road at MacArthur needs lane direction signs above the signal lights.

    There a 3 lanes of traffic. The left lane allows left turns as well as going straight. The problem is that cars in the center lane sometimes turn left.

    If one of these vehicles in the center lane decides to turn left while a car in the left lane decides to go straight, they will collide.