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  • Outta sight... Acknowledged
    Wolcott St And Ferry St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Fair Haven
    Wolcott and Ferry St visibility. Is there anything that can be done at the end of this street? Stop signs, pedestrian yield signs or blinking lights to slow drivers down or enforcing the do not park sign so drivers can turn at that intersection coming out of Wolcott St? I have seen pedestrians oftenly trying to cross and cars just speed as nothing. A teen almost got hurt crossing. Children await to cross to get to Fair Haven School for either school or their summer program. As a driver, there is also no visibility since two pick up trucks with fridge and washers and other vehicles block the view as they park on the corner at Ferry. Anyone coming from Wolcott can't see. Can we get something done before there is another accident at that intersection?!?
  • Street Lights Archived
    89 Wolcott St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Fair Haven
    Their are two street lights out. If this could be fixed soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated as its bringing more people to linger around at night. Either in corners or passing cars just to stop/park and hang out in their vehicles. Our street is fairly dark now.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    89 Wolcott Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Fair Haven
    They are getting bigger and there are more. By 89 there are 7 pot holes, to the right by 93 there is 1 and to the left 78 there are 5 pot holes. So from 78 to 93. Needs repair ASAP. Its a fairly busy one way street and they seem to get bigger. Looks like someone tried their own repair and things just got worst.