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Unfortunately this is not a police issue as they have no authority to do anything about concert noise. This particular use is covered under a generic special issue permit. Whatever person or department that issued the SUP did not take into consideration that this particular type of noise would exist or have the potential to cause a problem. A city contractor SMG is responsible for running the facility.

While I never expected the Click Fix program to be able to do anything regarding this issue, I felt a report should be made. Since no one in the government seems to care, I will be submitting a report every time they have an event like a concert until someone personally addressees the issue to my satisfaction.

The bottom line is the sound was too loud and the speakers could be place in a way to minimize their impact. I hope that you will see that someone in city government contacts me regarding the issue, I feel that is your programs purpose to address citizen's issued and not just refer and close concerns.

Issue Reopened
So did you forward this to the police or just do nothing about it/ It has been reported to them many times and the problem still exists.
It is on the building at this address. Where else could it be?
This trash was missed by the recent ally clean up. I have never seen one house create so much trash, and they just throw it out. Perhaps the owner is using it as a rooming house instead of a SFD.
The truck has been moved after years of requests.
Issue Reopened

Could you please explain why an issue is closed when it has not been repaired. It would seem appropriate to keep an issue open no matters what the excuses are for why something has not been repaired.

Also please be sure the potholes in N Mulberry St at the intersection of the alley are also repaired.

Could you also please provide a time frame for the repairs to be made. One hole is so deep I am considering going to the asphalt plant myself and getting a five gallon container of asphalt and fixing it myself. If you had to drive the alley everyday you would understand.

Since the most recent storm the number of potholes have increased. Please note the repair record to reflect that. In the past I have seen crews repair only what the repair order stated. If and when they get to the alley it is preferred that the entire alley is repaired rather that having to make return trips. Thank you.
There are now more than two potholes at this location.

This debris is not residential debris. In the past bulk pickup has refused to pick up trash.debris from commercial property. In fact they will not even enter private property to remove said trash/debris. So we have a catch 22 situation. The simple solution is to make the property owner remove the debris as they own the property and they allowed the debris to accumulate. You folks at Click Fix need to think outside the box sometimes. In the mean time the debris has been there almost a month.

Bulk pick up is fine if you tell your workers to enter the property.

Issue Reopened

The attached picture was taken on January 24, 2014. It shows one mattress and several pieces of plywood. These are items left behind when a previously reported dumpster was taken away. I know a representative of the property owner knows about this because I was present when the inspector told him to move it.

I would appreciate prompt action on the removal of the stuff by the property owner. I get tired of looking at it everyday day for over two weeks. I would have removed it but I have noting that large to haul it away.

The address is 2620 W. Grace St. 23220.

Thank you.

Should read Improvements needed to this area.
Issue Reopened
So what agency should I report this to? The property owner is not taking care of their property.
Issue Reopened
So the ticket has been closed. The brush is still at the location shown in the picture. Will someone pick it up or will it me left to rot and further make our alley look bad. Closing something does not make it go away. What action will be taken?
Issue Reopened
I was under the impression that tall grass on private property was/is a property maintenance issue.
Correction, the truck is not being used. Sorry for one word being left out.
Issue Reopened
The building is owned by River City. If proper procedure was followed after the first report this should have been cleaned by now. Who dropped the ball? I know other buildings they own have been tagged. One would think a release is a release. Since they are local why not a phone call?
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This address is actually 2614 W. Grace St. Please correct the address.