Willie Williams Jr

  • 230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576 New Haven, CT - Fair Haven
    All of The People Have A Four (4) Year Degree. How Can A Family of Two (2) Adults and Two (2) Children Under Ten (10) Years Old Pay Rent of $1,100.00 Per Month, Buy Food $300.00, Pay Medical Insurance $524.00 Per. Month, Life Insurance On Every Person $50.00 Per. Month, Renters Insurance $194.00 Per. Year. Save For Their Childrens College Education $00.00,
  • 326 Dixwell Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Where's My Money?. Baby MaMa Drama,
  • 230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576 New Haven, CT - Fair Haven
    I Was Reading Connecticut General Staues On Seizers of Property.(Pirate Ships). If The State orGovernment Feel That The Goods Were (IllL) Gotten... They Can Take Your Stuff. Say Someone Was Killed In Your House, Building or Property...The State Feels That You Should Have Known About It.....Someone Is Dealing Drugs In Your House, Building or Land.....Based On My History Lessons of Germany 1750-1947 People Who Lived There Knew Who Was Doing Everything In That Country.....You Have A Computer, Cameras, Video Cameras, Ears To Hear, Eyeys To See...But You Don't Know Who Killed Who!...Who Robbed Who!...Who Kidnapped Who!...Who Stole Who's Car!...Who Broke Into Who's House!...Who Raped ( ) Last Month In The Ally. We The Citiaens of New Haven Nust Be Blind As Bats. We Must Be Bummmer Than A Dummy. If The State and The City of New Haven Start Seizing Your $1.500.00 Monthly Mortgage, You'll Talk Then, After That You're Going To Loose That Ten Cent Job. And Then, Goodby (Wife) By By Car.
  • New Haven County New Haven, CT - Downtown
    CIVIC: Responsibility: If You See Something, Say Something. If A "Ghost or Spirit" Past By You, Would You Say Something?. If A "UFO" Hovered Over The Top of Your House For An Hour, Would You Say Something?. If A Terrorist Ran Past You, Would You Tell/Call The Police?.1. Post Your Photo 2. Tell The Police Who Is Doing All The "Shooting and Killings" In Your Neighborhood. 3. Take Photos of What You See. 4. Who Is Doing All The "Drug Dealing" In Your Neighborhood. 5. Who Is "Lurking" In The Dark In Your Neighborhood. 6. Turn On Your Night Lights At Dusk. 7. If You Have An Issue, Post Yor Picture....People Want To See You. During The Period: 1995-2006 I Was The Chairman of Ward 14 and Ward 15, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public 1978-1983.