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  • 5800 Southwest 45th Terrace Miami, Florida - US Congressional District FL18
    Cars leaving the David Fairchild School drop-off or pick-up are all going South on SW 58th Ave. Many then turn immediately onto West-bound SW 45th Terrace - this block of 45th Ter. has no sidewalks so kids walking to school are forced to walk in the street - cars coming around that corner are cutting close to the edge of the street (going too fast). Without some crosswalk enforcement and re-engineering someone is going to get hit.
  • 4451-4499 Southwest 58th Avenue Miami, Florida - US Congressional District FL18
    There is a damaged side walk on the West side of SW 58th Ave. directly across the crosswalk from David Fairchild Elementary School. The address is approximately 4499 SW 58th Ave. Some one dug up the sidewalk and left it w/ a big hole and pieces of broken concrete. This is a hazard to school children and families and all pedestrians trying to use this sidewalk.
  • 5800 Southwest 45th Terrace Miami, Florida - US Congressional District FL18
    Every other block within walking distance of David Fairchild School has sidewalks for the children and parents to walk on except this one short stretch of SW 45th Ter. between SW 58th Ave. and SW 58th Ct. Unfortunately this is the main route for kids walking from any of the neighborhoods East of the school. The roadway isn't wide enough for two cars to pass and avoid brushing pedestrians on the road. At school hours the kids are in danger of being hit by distracted drivers.
  • 1545 Algardi Ave Coral Gables, FL - Coral Gables
    Drivers attempting to avoid rush-hour traffic on Bird Rd. at SW 57th Ave. use Algardi Ave. as a short cut. This is a typical Coral Gables residential street - very narrow with no sidewalks. In the morning hours drivers enter this street with the sun in their eyes and accelerate sometimes to 40 mph. This is a serious risk to the residents who want to walk from their homes to anywhere. There are schools in the area and parents walking children to school. Please put some traffic control in place here before someone is killed or injured.
  • 4400 Sw 57th Ave Miami, FL - Coral Gables
    Drivers on this stretch of Red Rd. are not observing the school speed limit. With the narrow road and cars lining up to turn onto 45th St. for the school, the school crossing on Red is becoming very dangerous. Please call the School Police 305-238-5906 and request enforcement. Some enforcement of the crosswalk right-of-way might be needed as well (see picture). Parked across the crosswalk, Black Acura SUV FL# Q88 5GK, didn't get the red-light runner's plate...yes that walk sign was indicating "safe" to walk :(
  • Sw 57th Ave Coral Gables, FL - Coral Gables
    Kids and families walking to David Fairchild school use this crosswalk from 7:45 to 8:30 am and 2-3:30 pm on weekdays - the button for walk signal can take a long time to change the light so many people don't bother to use the button. This could be fixed by making the signal more immediate to the button push. Also there are two crossing guards at the end of Fairchild basically just directing traffic while the folks trying to cross the busiest road in the area, Red Rd. are left trying their chances against traffic. If the school district/city can't come up with another guard then they should move one of those two to the Red Rd. crossing.
  • 2500-2698 Sw 22nd St Miami, FL 33145, USA - Coral Way
    If you push the button to get a walk signal to cross 27th Ave. on either side of Coral Way, the walk signal never comes.
  • Coral Way And 27th Ave. Miami, FL 33145 - Wynwood
    If you push the button to get a walk signal to cross 27th Ave. on either side of Coral Way, the walk signal never comes.
  • Orange And Humphrey New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    Once again it appears that FedEx is not concerned with training their drivers to follow basic traffic regulations. Also the lack of enforcement by the police is clearly encouraging drivers to brazenly disregard the safety of others in favor of their own convenience. This driver crossed the entire intersection on red while an NHPD car sat writing up a fender bender and did not even bat an eye.
  • Whitney And Sachem New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Yale University Campus
    FedEx express truck lic. J-47137 cut me off in front of the Peabody Museum on Whitney - almost squashed me! I caught up w/ the driver at the next red (of course) but he didn't want to talk. (I was extremely civil by the way). There was no benefit to him from this maneuver and given the past history of this I'm inclined to believe that FedEx is not providing their drivers with proper training about the rights of cyclists and pedestrians on the streets of our city. I'll file a complaint w/ FedEx, but last time this happened they didn't even bother to acknowledge it. This time it's on video...