St Pete Service Center 4

  • Sanitation Department Закрыта
    2200 52nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33714 - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    caller said car battery dumped at street curb and is leaking
  • Sanitation Department Закрыта
    4200 1st Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33711 - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    dead animal between 42 and 43 Street and 1st Ave South - south bound lane
  • 1663 23rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33713 - St. Petersburg
    call is requesting a shield on pole #8570938
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    58th St N & Central Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33710 - St. Petersburg

    email: Good afternoon,

    The lights off of 58th Street South at intersections 1st Ave N, Central, and 1st Ave S are not in sync. The crossing of Central light is turning green while the others are red and it’s causing a huge backup into both 1st crossings.

    These used to be in sync turning green and the flow worked great. Please let me know how to add this issue. Thank yo

  • Curb Repair Archived
    1365 Brightwaters Blvd Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33704 - Snell Isle Property Owners Association

    email: I had put in a request over 6 months ago in regards to fixing the curb along the front of my house. A guy came out and said he would be back in two weeks to do it and that was over a month ago. I wanted to know what the status was on this.
    Dup SCF #11960004
    Address: 1365 Brightwaters Blvd NE, St Petersburg FL 33704

    Thank you,
    Todd McCartney

  • 514 39th St S Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33711 - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
  • Woodlawn Park - St. Petersburg
    email: There is a picnic table at Woodlawn Sports Complex at the volleyball courts that is very, very rusty, with some chunks missing. Lots of people congregate around it and it's..
    1601-1699 19th St N St Petersburg
  • 4435 1st St Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33703 - North East Park Neighborhood Association

    email: Hello,

    I have a box mattress for pick up collections needed at 4435 1st St Ne. I have placed this outside the dumpster in front of the building.


  • 636 62nd Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida, 33705 - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    EMAIL: I would like to request ac special pick up for 636 62nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. An ottaman and two end tables. We will place them in the alley for Tuesday morning. Thanks!
    Please confirm this is set.