Amelia Lightner

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    Cherry Garden Community Richmond, Virginia - Cherry Gardens
    Please, the streets in this community have not been resurface in about 10 years, the streets are in need of repair.
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    3200 3215, 3229 Delano Street and 2800 Terminal Ave, Richmond, Virginia - Cherry Gardens
    Very deep potholes in the middle of the street, traffic have to sway around the potholes, which creates problems for 2 way traffic.
  • 2119 Gorden Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oak Grove
    Tree roots have up rooted concrete side walk, and presents a safety issue for pedestrians and disable persons using wheelchair. the side walk. a tripping hazard
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    4131 Leake Lane Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    large furniture items
  • 2424 Hopkins Lane Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    approximately 20 or 25 cars parked in the yard, some with no tags and no tires, might be operating a auto repair shop. This has ben an ongoing issue for awhile.
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    4109 Mc Kay Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    Lots of bulk trash, sofa chairs and other furniture items. it appears house have been condemned.
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    1816 Fairfax Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oak Grove
    Large tree limb blocking side walk causing residents, and handicap people to walk in the street to continue their walk.
  • 4005 Mc Kay Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    several Junk cars and tall grass
  • 3509 Bathgate Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
    Van have been seating for awhile and back yard with tall grass where possums and snakes hide, neighbors are very concerned
  • 3508 Bathgate Rd Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
    persons operating a commercial business in a single family neighborhood, Car Wash and Detailing cars, creating problems for neighbors.
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    5150 Bemiss Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
    Over grown vegetation in drainage ditch have spread on to the street
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    Between Bathgate Rd. Birdwood Rd Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
    Tree limbs in the ditch area
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    4001 Mc Kay Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
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    5100 Beddington Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
  • 400 Mckay Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    Tall grass over 4ft tall.
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    2219 So. Kinsley Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hickory Hill
    bed mattress laying out on the side walk, in front of property