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  • S Bailey Rd Downingtown, PA - Thorndale
    There is a major pot hole under the bridge at South Bailey Road. The last time there was a pot hole this size at the approximate same location it was fixed by placing the asphalt and compacting it with the tires of the pickup truck belonging to the Township. I am not an engineer but I would hazard to guess that better compaction is needed to the job.
  • U.S. 30 & U.S. 322 Caln, PA - Chester County
    The ramp to get on to US 30 westbound is too short and has the potential for some serious crashes. A significant number of motorists trying to enter the flow do not yield to the traffic flow causing a potentially life threatening crash as the speed limit of 55 mph is rarely followed. There is also little chance of a stop sign as the incoming traffic would never be able to get up to speed before entering the traffic stream.
  • South Bailey Road & Rt 30 Caln Township, PA - Thorndale
    The water that accumulates under this bridge is ridiculous. Either the Township,PENN DOT, Amtrak or some combination of the three must fix this flood hazard. When flooding occurs this removes emergency personel from other duties as they must be onsite to ensure drivers do not attempt to get through the raised waters.
  • Pot hole Archived
    101-199 S Bailey Rd Downingtown, PA 19335, USA - Valley Township
    Major pot hole under the Bridge at Train station needs to be filled in.