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  • 300-398 West Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    I don't know why my prior posts of this issue were closed by the city. They said they were dupes and acknowledge, but here we are nearly a year later and the problem isn't fixed.

    The convex mirror on Forest facing W. Elm mysteriously disappeared last year, making it very tough to see who's coming from up the hill. Each morning I feel like i'm taking my life into my heads to make the right turn. Please bring it back!

  • 300 West Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    I thought I reported this last week and it's still unresolved.

    Convex mirror is missing as of last week. Makes it dangerous to see who is coming down the hill on Forest ave adn try to turn from W. Elm onto forest. Please bring back the mirror!

  • 300 West Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There is usually a convex mirror at the end of West Elm so you can see if cars are coming down Forest Road when trying to make a turn. This morning the mirror was missing. Not sure what happened to it, but it sure it scary to try and pull out without the added assurance of the mirror!
  • Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    The on ramp from the New Haven side has smelled like a dead skunk for weeks! Is this safe? Did the project dig up some brownfield? Concerned already about air quality - please look into it and let the public know why this continually smells. Is it a company below?
  • Richmond Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    At 3:45 am last night on Richmond Ave., our neighbor's car alarm went off. This morning our neighbor across the street also reported that their car alarm went off and they saw some teenagers leaving the scene. We stayed up awhile to see if we could see anyone. Instead we saw our neighbors flood lights on W. Elm flashing on and off. Not sure if those residents were also trying to signal something (it wasn't flashing because they were set off, they're the kind to stay on).

    With folks leaving town this week for vacations, be on extra alert. People are clearly trying to see what they can get away with.

    Police were called, but unsure if they ever came.

  • 46 Emerson Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There is a significant amount of standing water in this street, covering one entire treelawn. I have no idea if there's a block drain below, bc it's so deep, but it's a great amount of water still there long after the rain is done.
  • Bus Shelter Archived
    1344-1372 Highway 63 New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    I've noticed that the bus shelter doesn't have a bench. Is that on purpose? Residents seem to have hacked it by bringing crates there, but I wonder if the shelter is supposed to have a bench?
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    830 Whitney Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill

    Whitney narrows somewhat unexpectedly to one lane here. I've narrowly multiple people not realizing this and needing to quickly abort this lane. Earlier this season, I know there was a rollover as a result of someone not being able to get out of the way. Not sure if it was previously reported, but could snow be pushed back here? Bc it's at the top of a 'hill' as you come into New Haven, it feels abrupt for drivers especially at night.

    thank you.

  • Lost dog Archived
    101 Nicoll Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Brindle dog named Roma. Shy. Went missing around 11pm from Nicoll St in East Rock.
  • 134 Livingston St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    When it rains on Livingston between Willow and Linden the water builds up a LOT and I have to walk a whole block down in order to get to my car to go to work. In the winter these large curbside pools become ice blocks, sealing our cars in and making us late for work as we chip our way out. I can't seem to figure where the drains are, but however this street was constructed, it was not done with the intent to drain. help!