Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 665
  • 103 U.S. 1 Walpole Massachusetts - Walpole
    US 1 S, turning left on Coney St: The traffic light sensor does not react to my scooter. When no car comes to 'help' me I am forced to take a lengthy detour.
    Please fix the sensor immediately.
  • 68 Thicket Street Abington, Massachusetts - Abington
    The manhole at the intersection with Coleman St is ways too deep below the street surface. Not an issue with cars, but getting into the hole with a scooter or bicycle is likely and almost dangerous - also it is hard to assess because it does not look like a hazard unless just a few feet away.
    Please repair or mark as a hazard for oncoming motorists.
    This has been an issue for many years now.
    Thank you.
  • 932-940 Randolph Street Canton, Massachusetts - Canton
    The road is currently being worked on, but the condition of it - roughly between the Equestrian Center and Massasoit Community College - can only be described as crazy. The parts of the road that are 'ready' are only roughly patched up with a very uneven surface. Being on a scooter I have to ride in a sort of zigzag formation to avoid the roughest parts. While doing so today I suddenly faced a new steel plate that was probably raised over 2 inches above the road without proper warning and I had to swerve off to the other lane...
    Some of the pavement patches have been patched again over the last few weeks but there are always new 'surprises'. It would be great if at least the worst spots where properly marked and lit during the night (the worst spots are where a scooter or motorcycle has to slow down to about 5-10mph in order to pass safely). Better of course would be to restore safe road conditions.
  • 15 Dedham Street Canton, Massachusetts - Canton
    i am often riding down Dedham St. on my scooter in the late evenings. The traffic light at the intersection with Washington Street has sensors under the road surface that do not react to my scooter. As there are usually very few cars around at late hours I either have to wait X minutes for a 'helper' to arrive or have to cross the intersection on a red light. Both is not fun. I'd appreciate if this was fixed. Thank you.
  • Water Leak Archived
    201-267 Morton St Boston, MA - Roslindale
    Water is constantly leaking, maybe from underneath the road surface. Water is standing on the road and will start freezing soon, creating a hazard for cars, but especially for motorcycles and other two wheelers.