Chris Combs

  • 993 Michigan Ave Ne Washington, DC 20017 - Brookland

    A car said to be going 60-70MPH got into an accident here yesterday, breaking a tree in half, and an hour later, a tanker truck full of natural gas nearly hit a live downed power wire broken off by the first guy.

    The speed limit here is 25MPH. People drive like wingnuts on the Michigan Ave bridge over the train tracks.

    It's impossible to cross Michigan Ave by foot or by car with cars whizzing by at 50MPH. Visibility's very low and accident rates very high.

    Let's get a speed camera.

  • 4304 N Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights

    The exit signs on Route 50 are tiny and way off to the side. They're also placed just before the exit.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerving -- we're talking a four-lane road, people -- and could be solved with an additional sign a ways before each exit.

    NOTE: I'm not terribly geriatric, these signs are tiny for a highway

  • 212 Constitution Ave Nw Washington, DC 20004 - Downtown

    When going northbound in the I-395 tunnel, the Mass Ave exit splits off before you can read the highway signs telling you about the exit.

    They're mounted too high and too far off.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerves from drivers inadvertently heading towards NY Ave.

    Note: map is totally wrong

  • 1350 Maine Ave Sw Washington, DC - South West
    Going eastbound on Maine Ave, the stop light between the 14th Street and railway bridges -- the light that lets drivers exit from northbound 14th Street to eastbound Maine Ave -- is very hard to see. It should be mounted a little lower.
  • 1345 Perry St Ne Washington, DC 20017 - Brookland

    The decrepit Fort Bunker Hill Park is surrounded with rusting signs that say "No Parking Sundays - Sightseeing Stop."

    I have never seen anybody sight-see at this park, owing at least in part to its utter lack of placards, fortliness, or even walking paths. They even re-used old Rock Creek Park signs at this park--there's no tourist attraction value here whatsoever. Fort Bunker Hill Park is a block-sized thicket.

    The No Parking Sundays signs should be removed.